REFLOW will underpin the technological and economic-environmental development by providing researchers from a range of diverse disciplines such as chemical and biochemical process engineering, microbiology, analytical chemistry, economics and social science, with the transferable skills necessary for sustainable careers in the new industrial landscape of the circular economy. This goal will be achieved by a unique combination of training through individualized research projects (IRPs), international and intersectoral secondments, courses and workshops on research related and transferable skills scientific and complementary “soft” skills facilitated by the academic, industrial and NGO partners within the consortium.

REFLOW will provide novel and innovative training, such as:

  1. Provisions of a suite of cross-disciplinary modules (e.g. food security, JRC)
  2. Non-academic sector involvement in all aspects of training, to bridge the transferable skills gap: from the dairy industry, fertilizer producers, landowners, reference laboratories, regulatory policy writers, SMEs and NGOs.
  3. Joint supervision across all sectors, enabling the ESRs to translate their training into industrial problem solving and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  4. Network wide training events and secondments, which will enhance the mobility of researchers and their exposure to different research environments.