ESRs Overview

Host CountryWork PackageTitle of ESR Project
ESR 1 SpainWP1Bioaccumulation of P from organic rich waste water and drying to a P-rich biosolid fertiliser. 
ESR 2SpainWP1Anaerobic membrane process optimisation for the production of a P-rich concentrate from organic effluent.
ESR 3IrelandWP1Hydrothermal carbonisation of P-rich organic waste.
ESR 4IrelandWP1Effects of temperature and stoichiometric oxygen on the mineralisation of P-rich organic biosolids.
ESR 5PolandWP1Struvite precipitation from organic waste. 
ESR 6IrelandWP1Production of high purity Phosphoric acid from ash.
ESR 7FranceWP2Impact of exogenous organic matter in fertilisers on Soil microbes. 
ESR 8DenmarkWP2Nitrogen transformation and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from soils amended with dairy processing waste (DPW) and derived fertiliser products.
ESR 9IrelandWP2Modeling soil P dynamics and P cycling in soils amended with organic waste.
ESR 10IrelandWP3Fertiliser equivalence value (FEV) of organic fertilizers and their application in Smart Farming. 
ESR 11SwedenWP3Life Cycle Assessment of production and application of fertiliser products.
ESR 12FranceWP3Techno-economic assessment of the commercial viability of organic fertiliser production processes and products.
ESR 13BelgiumWP3Development of new financial models for the circular (bio)economy.